Top 10 Essential Jeep Parts you can buy in Listowel

Many Jeep drivers are loyal to the brand. They recognize the history behind the vehicles and the capability present in each model. And there is nothing they love more than tricking out their vehicle and showing off on the streets or on the trails.

Top 10 Essential Jeep Parts in Ontario

No matter what Jeep someone drives, there are many functional and useful parts that can be added to the vehicle.

Front Bumper

The most useful front bumper accessories offered are the tow hook and barricade guard. The tow hook offers practicality for those spending a lot of time off-road, and the barricade guard helps protect the front of the car both on and off the highway.

Rear Bumper

Just like the barricade guard on the front, a rear bumper guard is great for offering protection, especially from tailgaters in stop and go traffic.


With so many interior accessory options for all Jeep models, it can be hard to decide which to buy. The most popular, and useful, interior accessories include cargo covers and organizers for those wanting to store emergency supplies, off-roading equipment, tools, and more.

Lift Kits

A lift kit will raise the ground clearance that a Jeep can attain, which is incredibly useful for traversing off-road terrain. Higher clearance is also useful on the highway to see other cars and the flow of traffic.

License Plate

Personalized license plates are a great way to show a bit of personality on a vehicle without looking too cluttered or ruining bumpers with stickers that leave a residue.

Light Bar

The addition of lighting strips to the exterior or interior of a Jeep vehicle is a fun and original way to make a car stand out from the rest. Light strips can be added underneath the seats, under side doors, or bordering the radio and console to provide some ambient light and help guide passengers and drivers.

LED Fog Light

Fog lights are helpful in certain weather conditions to provide an additional element of safety.

Fender Flares

Studded fender flares might just be for show, but they offer a personalized touch to show a commitment to the vehicle.

Side Steps

Many Jeep models are lifted to provide ground clearance while off-roading, so it can be difficult for some passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Side steps make it easier and safer to enter and exit through any vehicle door.

Tube Doors

Soft-top and open-top Jeep Wranglers or other models look great, but a pair of steel tube doors can act as a safety net for both drivers and passengers.

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